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Aziza found a mistress for her young husband who would give birth to his child.



Photo credit: uznayvse.ru The famous actress and her young husband Alessandro have long dreamed of getting an heir. And the couple has already reviewed a great many options for how exactly they should realize this dream, including IVF, but so far their attempts have not been crowned with success. Now Aziz...

Karissa | 27.07.2022 10:49:53

Orlando Bloom – idol of Maria Sharapova



At the upcoming party of Vanity Fair magazine (Great Britain), Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova plans to meet the star of the trilogy "The Lord of the Rings" and "Pirates of the Caribbean", Orlando Bloom. As it turned out, Bloom is Maria's idol. "I really liked him in some of his f...

Karissa | 25.07.2022 22:37:23

Scientists have solved the problem of ketchup in a bottle



Many have faced the problem of ketchup in a bottle, especially when the product comes to an end. Pouring ketchup from such a bottle is a task for the patient. Scientists have solved this problem by changing the bottle inside. An employee of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Massachusetts Institute of Te...

Karissa | 24.07.2022 16:16:20

The perpetrator of the collapse of the dolphin pool in Chusovoye received four years in prison



In the Perm Territory, the trial in the case of the collapse of the Dolphin basin has been completed. The chief engineer of the company that carried out the maintenance of the building, Alexei Shvetsov, was found guilty of this tragedy, which claimed fourteen lives. The court found that he had conce...

Karissa | 23.07.2022 19:28:43

Britney Spears fell off the stage



The beginning of the year can be considered very traumatic. A couple of months ago at the Brit Awards, the great Madonna fell from the stage. The same fate befell Britney Spears, who lost her balance and collapsed down at a concert in Las Vegas. Britney fell during a performance of the...

Karissa | 23.07.2022 03:43:11

Subcutaneous Fat Is Good for Health



Employees of harvard Medical School have made a surprising discovery. It turns out that subcutaneous fat deposits have a positive effect on metabolism. In addition, they are a wonderful prevention of diabetes. Harvard scientists conducted experiments on mice. Experiments have shown that mice with transplanted subcutaneous fat felt better than their...

Karissa | 21.07.2022 19:46:04

The heat will peak soon



Forecasters are frightened by "hot" forecasts. They are sure that while the metropolitan resident of the peak of the heat has not yet seen ... According to them, the thermometer will reach a climax at the end of July. More precisely, on the 31st. At the appointed time, they plan to re...

Karissa | 21.07.2022 05:37:06